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HSSE Policy Statement
We focuse on health, safety, security and environment in all our activites. Our HSSE Policy outlines the boundaries for what is acceptable and unacceptable practice in our business conduct. Health, Safety, Security and the Environment are among the company’s primary values and we are totally committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our employees and the protection of the environment. Our main objective in this sphere is to provide a healthy and productive environment free from incident, injury or illness. When the cause is controlled, the damage can be prevented.

Good HSSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for us are critical to the success of our business. We have fair treatment policy for all people irrespective of their nationality or religion. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our people.

HSSE Strategies Catoni’s goals will be achieved and sustained through HSSE routines, including:
  • Dedicated to achieve;
    • No incidents or accidents
    • No personal injury
    • No harm to environment and people
  • Comply fully with all legal requirements and meet or exceed these expectations where we operate as we believe that all accidents are preventable.
  • Using material and energy efficiently to provide our services.
  • Provide a secure working environment by protecting ourselves, our assets, and our operations against risk of injury, loss or damage from criminal or hostile acts.
  • Make sure that all our employees are well informed, well trained, engaged and committed to the HSSE improvement process. We recognize that safe operations depend on an active HSSE culture, and that no activity is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • Managing HSSE matters as any other critical business activity
  • Expect that all parties working on our behalf recognize that they can impact our operations and reputation, and must operate to our standards.
  • Promoting employees’ intellectual and social development (including subject-related development within their field)
  • Promoting a culture in which all Catoni employees share this commitment.
  • Seeking out and eliminating poor working conditions.
  • Providing necessary information, education, training and retraining to employees on occupational health, safety and environmental conservation wherever required.
  • Avoiding any kind of adverse effect to the environment due to operations or any other activity of the organization.
  • Integrating occupational health, safety and environmental conservation in all decisions and activities and supporting any employee, contractor or visitor who stops an operation if that is found to be detrimental to HSSE.
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008
BS EN ISO 14001:2004
BS OHSAS 18001:2007