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Our Vision
• Marketing oriented approach to bussiness and being a company recognised as solution provider.

• Being considered as a company who delivers value added services to its customers through tailor made products focusing on customer satisfaction Establishing cost effective and competitive rates for our clients with qualify services

• Operating in niche markets where competition is not severe.

• Introducing latest trend of the industry to the local markets where Catoni name is represented through its high profile principals.

• Catoni has a systematic approach to the management of its quality standart commitment designed to ensure customer satisfaction and to achieve continuous performance improvement within the company.
Our Mission
• To mature our new and existing business relations into long term sustainable ventures.

• Dedicated agency relation with the principals represented under our agency shall be converted into a permanent business relation.

• Lifting Catoni standards and target new challanges through the value chain.

• Maintaining standardised management, H/R, IT to achieve same quality through out the net work including each and every service point.

• Adjusting the company mentality from traditional shipping agency to service provider in the Transport Industry.

• Promote a culture in which all Catoni employees commit quality standarts and share this commitment.